Petali Trading was established in 2007, when relevant companies operating in China within the the Italian F&B field merged together as one. For many years, Petali has been supporting Italian manufacturing companies in terms of internationalisation towards Chinese economy, bringing their products step by step to the consumer. We strive to offer a service aimed at embracing synergies for collective success by establishing a transparent business relationship built on trust. Based in Shanghai City, our headquarters consists of offices as well as two warehouses located in a strategic location, just 15 minutes away from Shanghai City Centre. 

After more than a decade, our know-how and experience in this fields together with a team of professionals contributes to develop ad hoc business strategies for each of our clients.



Chinese Back Label: Preparation and Registration

When importing F&B good to China, preparing and registrating the Chinese back label represents a   crucial point.
Beginning with the translation of the label, through the application to the competent authorities, to the final accreditation, we will follow the complete bureaucratic process.
Also, we will provide the necessary documentation to print and apply for the back label. 

Documentation Pre-check for importing to China

Being in the import-export sector for over a decade, Petali Trading assists exporting companies to collect and complete the necessary documents to import to China.
We offer customised strategies basing on the kind of products and on the company needs.


Petali Trading also manages the logistic organisation, from the production site to our Shanghai warehouse, employing its experienced staff, know-how and licenses, while updating the client throughout the process.

Custom Clearance

We carefully follow the long and complex custom clearance procedures, acting in accordance with local bureaucracy. Our team of professionals is constantly trained and updated with the latest   custom regulations and our deep knowledge and successful experience as importers provides the client with a reliable, flawless and satisfying service. 
Also, we provide efficient services for those companies exporting products which require special treatments.


We give great importance to our clients and their goods by supporting them with our skills and expertise.
We provide our two spacious warehouses, with approximately 2000 mq2 available storage space. Both are strategically located just 15 minutes away from Shanghai city centre and are provided with qualified staff and cutting-edge storage facilities, keeping your stock safe and controlled.  


From our logistic hub we deliver goods anywhere in China on a daily basis.
Every year, our clients receive over …. tons of foodstuffs through a punctual and satisfactory service.
More than ….clients throughout China rely on us, thanks to our well-known experience as service providers.
In addition, our IT resources along with our warehouses and forwarding agents guarantee altogether a clear picture of all the activities we manage for our clients.


We employ our expertise in the F&B field in Mainland China to develop ad hoc B2B and B2C marketing campaigns and strategies, aimed at increasing brand-awareness. In particular we offer the following: 
  • Trainings focused on improving the client’s products position on the market
  • Trainings specifically customised according to clients’ needs.
  • Tastings and promotional events.
Introduction to new leading e-commerce channels (Tao Bao, Yi Hao Dian, 360buy etc.)


Cascino Trading, business partner of Petali Trading, is one of the most important F&B distributor for Ho.Re.Ca. and large retailers in Mainland China. As for Ho.Re.Ca distribution, Cascino Trading holds a leader position in some of the most important markets in China such as that of Shanghai, Guandong, Hunan and Sichuan. We proudly serve clients such as Shangri-La, Marriott and Four Seasons to name just a few famous hotel chains that rely on us. We strive to support our clients by including their products in our F&B catalogues and by offering appropriate trainings to our salesmen, who will then integrate the products through our connections. By doing so, the already existing Cascino clientele facilitates the access of our client’s products onto the Chinese market. Our network not only includes our active clients but also a wide range of contacts made of professionals and experts in the F&B field.

Customised solutions for everyone

We meticulously analyse each client needs and specific requirements, offering the most suitable solutions to ensure success. 


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  • 449, North Nujiang Road - Area 9 - Building 8 - Floor 1 PuTuo district, 200333 Shanghai, P.R. China

  • sales@petalifood.com